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Call us on (01292) 280476
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About Us

Dorothy Hood Jewellery is an established business with a long standing tradition to customer service. Our aim has always been to offer our customers the highest standard of Scottish craftsmanship, produced here in our own Ayr workshop.

I came to be inspired by the beautiful Scottish island of Arran due to its mystical and symbolic aura. After studying many of their ancient symbolistic patterns I believe that I have managed to re-capture these great art works and incorporate them into my very own jewellery collection.

Each piece of jewellery is given the upmost attention from each of our craftsmen. These craftsmen, who have been trained to create these mystical pieces, work on the premises with me to achieve a standard recognised both near and far, although still managing to keep that mystical touch.

Please take the time to visit our website and view our catalogue.

- Dorothy Hood

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