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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Dorothy Hood Tips & Advice Wedding Jewellery

Wedding Jewellery

If choosing your wedding dress wasn’t stressful enough, how on earth are you going to pick your wedding jewellery to go with it? Worry not! I've hand-made wedding jewellery for hundreds (if not thousands!) of brides over the years and I’ve collected all the tips and tricks I’ve learnt.

Don’t forget that jewellery is often the centrepiece of an outfit. However, for your big day you’ll need something that compliments your dress rather than outshines it. Let's get into how you pick great wedding jewellery!

Matching Metals

Most wedding dresses are a variation of white. You might not think it, but the shade of your dress is going to dramatically alter the metals you'll want to consider. 


The classic wedding colour. If your dress has no colour hue or tint to it, then you'll want to opt for jewellery that compliments, without distracting. In this case, platinum or rhodium-plated white gold are excellent choices.



White isn't for everyone. Ivory dresses are often chosen by brides with fair skin or red hair. If this is you, you'll want to consider jewellery that brings out the creamy tonnes in your dress. Yellow gold is therefore the recommended metal for ivory dresses.


Champagne dresses often have a golden quality to them. This is what makes yellow gold such a lovely compliment.

Grey or Silver

Silver is often to best compliment to a grey dress. It will help lighten the grey tonnes and look light in comparison. 


A blush dress will have a pink hue to it. This is typically best complimented with rose gold, which will subtly highlight the pink hue of the dress.

Avoid too many colours

Good advice in most situations, but particularly important on your big day! Too many colours can be distracting. In terms of your jewellery, this will be true for both metals and stones. When it comes to metals, limit yourself to two types at most. Most brides however typically stick to one colour of metal, which is chosen to compliment their dress. This goes hand in hand with the face that most brides choose their dress before deciding on their jewellery.

Again, when choosing stones you want to chose a single colour or stone that compliments your wedding dress. Too many different colour of stone can be overbearing and district from your natural beauty. 

Take note of your neckline

The décolletage of you dress is going to play a big part in determining your choice of necklace, or whether you will have one at all. Most brides with a low cut will opt for a necklace. The important thing here is to be careful that you don't pick something that will detract from the overall image. You (the bride) are the centrepiece - not the necklace! If your neckline is high, a popular alternative is to forego the necklace completely. When doing so, consider opting for drop or chandelier earrings to really compliment the look. If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline, then often a shorter necklace or a choker will work best. Whatever you opt for, be sure to consider it in the wider context of your full outfit.

Keep your eye on the future

Your wedding day is absolutely huge and you want jewellery to make you sparkle; but you don't want to sit in a box for the next ten years. Pick jewellery you can see yourself wearing time and time again in different outfits. 

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